Frequently Asked Questions About Gforce Bands

Will the band be too loud?

Absolutely not! We are very concerned about our volume and strive to make the sound pleasing to the ear. If at any time during your party you feel that the volume is too loud, simply approach the bandleader and the sound level will be lowered immediately.

Will the band learn a special song for us that is not on the song list?

Not a problem. We would be happy to learn your special request for you. All we ask is 60 days notice to have the time to prepare the music for you properly.

What are the hidden costs?

The pricing covers the band for a 5-hour reception. One of those hours is the cocktail hour. One musician is included for the cocktail hour. You may elect to have more musicians for your cocktail hour but would be charged accordingly. Ceremony music is an additional charge. There are sometimes travel fees for events that are out of our normal range but that would be spelled out in the contract. What's on the contract is what you pay. There is no tax.

Can you provide ceremony music?

Certainly! We have many different options for you from very simple to very elaborate. From piano or organ and flute or trumpet to brass choir or string ensembles and harps we can design the ceremony of your dreams!

Are gratuities necessary?

Gratuities are not necessary but always appreciated if you feel inclined to do so.

What is the usual gratuity?

That varies greatly from client to client. When deciding on a gratuity ask yourself a few questions…

  • Was the band everything I had hoped for?
  • Was the dance floor packed all night?
  • Did the band go out of their way to learn special requests for you?
  • Were all of your requests fulfilled?
  • Was your reception the most fabulous night of your life and did the band contribute to its success?

Do we have to feed the band?

We ask that you provide some food for the band. It doesn't have to be what the guests are receiving although some clients do that. Most catering halls have a vendor meal for the band. It's a very long day for us and to perform at our usual high level of energy, we need the fuel to keep the engines running.

Does the band take a lot of breaks?

NO! We provide continuous music for you from the beginning to the end. You can have 100% continuous live music or a band DJ combo. There is no difference in the price. Most clients choose a combination of both. A typical wedding might go like this…

  • Live music for the ceremony (1 hour) piano and trumpet or string quartet
  • Live music for the cocktail hour (1 hour) solo piano, guitar, or sax or a small combo
  • Live band plays as guests enter the main reception area (10 min)
  • Bridal Party Introductions (20 min)
  • First Dance
  • Blessing
  • Toast
  • Live scaled down band of three players plays background music for first course (15 min)
  • Full band plays dance set after 1st course until main course arrives (45 min)
  • DJ plays background music for dinner (20 min)
  • Full band plays dance set from after dinner until cake cutting (1 hour)
  • DJ spins dance music during dessert (15 min)
  • Full band plays dance music until the end of the reception (1 hour)

Please note that this is just an example. Your affair can be customized to your preferences!

What's the difference between Gforce 1 & Gforce 2?

While our general philosophy is the same the main difference is in the singers. Gforce 2 has three lead vocalists up front that just sing; two female and one male. Gforce 1 has three lead singers; one female and two male. Both male singers play other instruments; sax and guitar respectively. Both bands have great horn sections and can offer a unique mix of excellent dance music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & 2000's. Both bands will provide you and your guests with fabulous dance music that will be memorable for years!

What time will the band arrive?

We arrive 2 hours prior to your cocktail hour or ceremony.

What are my options for the cocktail hour?

Included in the package is 1 musician. You have your choice of solo keyboards or piano, solo saxophone with backing tracks, solo acoustic guitar with backing tracks, or DJ. Additional musicians can be added at an additional charge. You may have sax and keys or a jazz trio of keys, sax and drums.

What kind of deposit is required to secure the band?

We ask for 1/2 the price of your band package upon signing of he contract. The balance is due the day of the wedding. We accept cash or check for deposit. Final payment must be made in cash or certified check. Personal check can be accepted if final payment is made early.

How long has the band been together?

Gforce 1 was formed in 1994. As a result of our huge success and overwhelming demand, Gforce 2 was formed in 2000.

Do the bands carry insurance?

Absolutely. We carry a $1,000,000.00 liabilty policy and can provide a certificate of insurance to your catering hall if requested.

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